How to Set Up the Perfect Outdoor Camp Shower Area

There are three types of campers in the world.

The first type doesn't mind roughing it and going rogue for weeks on end. The second type is more inclined towards glamping. The third type sits somewhere in between, which is where a portable outdoor camp shower comes in handy.

After selecting the right portable camp shower for your needs, the next step is figuring out your camp shower area.

This is where things get… interesting.

There’s a common misconception that having a portable camp shower area requires more gear, electricity or increased hassle when it comes to setting up and taking down. 

The truth, however, is far, far different.

For this article, we canvassed a bunch of hardcore weekend warriors and camp-mad families to ask what they think is the key to setting up the perfect outdoor camp shower area.

Read on to discover their tips and tricks for creating the ultimate shower setup in your campsite.

Is an outdoor shower even necessary?

First things first. Is a camping shower totally necessary?

This really depends on what type of camper you are. For some, it's a bare minimum. Others will do without it altogether.

If you're on the road for more than a weekend or you plan on partaking in lots of different activities, the proper camp shower area can be a lifesaver… or at least remove some of the hassle that comes with camping as a family or group.

The pros of having an outdoor shower

Having a camp shower area has a lot of advantages. Here are just a few:

  • Hygiene on-the-go: If you're someone who enjoys getting down and dirty in nature, an outdoor camp shower area is a must-have. It allows you to keep clean and fresh even in the middle of nowhere
  • Better sleep: A shower before bed is a luxury that most campers don't expect. But it can make a significant difference in the quality of your sleep
  • Convenience: Having your own portable camp shower means no more waiting in long lines for shared shower facilities at campsites. You also don't have to worry about restricted shower hours
  • Privacy: For those who value their privacy, an outdoor camp shower provides a sense of security and comfort. You can set it up in a secluded spot and enjoy a refreshing shower without any interruptions or prying eyes

Choosing an outdoor shower

We're shamelessly biassed when it comes to choosing an outdoor shower. 

And we love the fact that our camping showers have many benefits: lightweight, easy to pack and store, simple to use and adjustable.

But maybe you have different needs or you already have a camp shower in mind. That's totally cool too. 

No matter which way you go, here's what you should be looking for when selecting the perfect outdoor camp shower:

  • Portability: As mentioned earlier, a portable camp shower is ideal for camping trips. Make sure it's lightweight and compact enough to fit comfortably in your vehicle
  • Ease of use: Setting up an outdoor shower shouldn't be complicated. Look for one that can be quickly assembled and operated by anyone
  • Durability: Your camp shower should be able to withstand outdoor conditions. Look for sturdy materials and make sure it's weatherproof
  • Price: If you're only camping once or twice a year, you might not want to splurge on a high-end shower. But if you're a frequent camper, investing in a reasonably priced camp shower will save you money in the long run
  • Adjustable: Need a targeted jet to wash mud from your vehicle? Or is only a gentle mist required to clean camp dishes? Look for a shower with adjustable pressure and spray settings
  • Warm water: Do you prefer a hot shower over a cold one? Some portable showers like ours can be filled with warm water, while others rely on electricity. Consider the time of year and average temps in the area where you'll be camping... a warm shower on a cool morning can be a gamechanger


Setting up your camp shower area in 6 easy steps

For the sake of this article, we'll discuss setting up a Beach Shower as an example. Note that these steps can be applied to most portable showers.

Step #1. Find a level spot with good drainage

Figure out where you want to set up your outdoor shower area. Make sure it's on a flat and stable surface with good drainage to avoid any water run-off issues. The last thing you want is water running into a heavy foot traffic area or your campsite and causing a muddy mess.

Step #2. Decide how many privacy you want

Are you going to be the only user of your camp shower? Or do you have a big family with lots of kids? This will determine how much privacy is necessary. You might want to lash up a tarp or set up a privacy tent.

Step #3. Place your Beach Shower on the ground

Some camp showers need to be hung from a tree or placed in an elevated position, but our portable Beach Showers are best used on the ground. Just fill it with water and transport to your shower area. Remember, they can also be used for washing dishes or cleaning muddy camp gear!

Step #4. Pump it to build pressure

Our Beach Showers have an easy-to-use hand pump. Simply give it a few pumps to build pressure and you're good to go, keeping in mind the following:

  • 7 to 9 initial pumps are required to build up pressure
  • 3 to 5 top-up pumps are then required every 15 to 20 seconds to keep the water flowing at a constant rate
  • With 10 different showerhead modes, you can adjust the nozzle to suit your personal preference
  • The nozzle can be easily removed to fill up with more water as needed

Step #5. Use eco-friendly soaps that won't harm the environment

Any camper or vanlifer worth their salt knows how important it is to leave minimal impact on the environment.

When using an outdoor shower, make sure you use eco-friendly soaps and shampoos that won't harm plants or animals. 

We did a deep-dive on the different eco-friendly soaps out there on your behalf. Check them out in this article.

Step #6. Have your towel and changing mat close by

There's no point washing your feet and cleaning off, only to tread back across muddy ground.

Set up a small towel and changing mat by your outdoor shower so you can dry off and put on clean clothes without dirtying them again.

This way you can hit the hay or continue your adventures feeling 100% fresh and clean.

Final thoughts

See? Setting up the perfect outdoor camp shower spot is easier than you think.

Just remember to choose a portable shower that meets your needs and follow our steps for setting it up.

Oh... and don't forget to tag us in photos of your camp shower set up. We love seeing how our customers make use of them in the great outdoors.

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